Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Twins at 4 Days Old

We have definitely had an eventful week. I thought I would give ya'll an update on the twins.

one of them is actually a bit bigger than the other, but what he/she lacks in size he/she makes up with enthusiasm when it comes to feedings.
They look so angelic when they curl up and go to sleep. 4 days old, only 6 more till they eyes should be opened.
I have to say this is an expierience we have never had before. Up to this point the only babies we have had were birthed and mothered by Eve who is an excellent mother, which means we have very little interaction with the babies until they have opened eyes and fur all over so one can imagine we have never spent this much time with hairless closed eyed babies. It has definitely been an experience of a life time but definitely not something we hope to have to red0 any time soon.
Wendi's milk seemed to dry up rather fast so we took to feeding them with eye droppers, which wasn't exactly working. I have to admit that prayers are not always answered like one would hope, I had prayed that Wendi's milk wouldn't dry up and it did but don't fear, I didn't lose faith, I continued to pray and then on Saturday I went out to find that Skiddish had delivered her babies, sadly they had all died, but she had plenty of milk to share with Wendi's twins.
unfortunately at some point Skiddish ripped out a bunch of her hair, we think it was in attempt to make a nest for her babies, but since it all happened over night we have no idea exactly what happened. We do, though, know that it isn't because she is sickly or attacked. We didn't want anybody to worry, the hair is growing back in nicely.

The babies are growing healthy and strong. We definitely feel the many prayers, and even though Skiddish lost all her babies we still feel extremely blessed that she now has the milk to feed these little rabbits. We do hope you keep praying, because we still have a long way to go before they are completely out of the woods.

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