Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Twins Are 1 Week Old Today

I am so excited to announce that we have survived the first week. The twins are growing so big and strong. and we are definitely feeling the prayers being sent their way. I feel so blessed to be able to post pics we took this morning of them, sorry they aren't the best pictures, they wouldn't stop squirming until they fell asleep. and since their eyes aren't open yet it is hard to tell when they are asleep.

We can't even begin to tell whether they are male or female, but I am going to jump the gun and assume the bigger one is female and so as for right now, we are going to call 'her' Mira--short for Miracle.
She is laying in John's hand, I seriously can't believe how quickly they are growing. Only 7 days old and she is almost too big for John's hand.
Now, this one we are calling Lucky--he still has he umbilical cord attached, it just never has fallen off and we aren't about to pull at it. he is the smaller of the 2.
They are both getting so big and their fur has begun to come in. At first I was certain they were going to be black with white tummies but more and more I am starting to wonder.
and there you have it, they have survived the first week. Here is to praying they can survive for many more to come. their eyes should be opened in the next 3 days so I look forward to posting more pictures then.

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