Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Getting Started

We have owned bunnies for almost 2 yrs and love them so much. We have finally figured out how to breed them in order to help bless others with the joy of rabbit ownership. Our rabbits are loved so much that we are trying to make sure they go to homes where they are loved.

As we struggle to get our new little family business going, we do hope you be patient and check back often. A lot of breeders have given breeding a bad name, but I want to begin by saying, that we refuse to be that type of breeder. Our bunnies may cost a little bit more than a random bargain/discount bunnies, but I assure you that the value for the extra love and care we put into them out weighs the cost.

Here is what sets us apart:

  • First- We ensure that our momma rabbits are not over bred and that the bunnies will not be weaned too early. Our current breeding plan for our momma's is every 2 months or more, which depends on how well she does with her babies each time. Depending on the breed and how many litters the momma has had, we may hold on to the bunnies for as long as eight weeks. We want to ensure that you are getting a healthy and weaned bunny that will live a long healthy life, without digestive issues. We also offer the mommas long breaks when the weather isn't suitable for them to be pregnant or care for their bunnies.
  • We take great care to make sure our babies are played with, loved on, and regularly interacted with as soon as their momma allows them to leave the nest on their own for exploration.
  • We pamper our bunnies by feeding them the best food and custom design cages that offer lots of space, are easily cleaned, and maintained. Their cages are always lined with delicious Coastal or Bermuda hay.
  • We begin litter box training the babies so that they can be familiar with the litter box before they go to their new home. We prefer the paper pellet litter, as well as the pine shavings due to both their cost and how effective they are.
As you can see we do our best to ensure healthy happy bunnies and all the EXTRAs we put into their well being is well worth the VALUE.

We do what we can to keep the costs down. We do build our own cages and shop around for the best supplies for the best price.

Now, we feel like your purchase of our bunnies is of the utmost value, due to how most breeders will breed their rabbits every 30 days, which can be very hard on both the mother and bunnies. Another concern is that bunnies get weaned far too early and the likely-hood of them surviving past four to six weeks is highly preventable, by keeping them with their mother a week or so longer.

We feel like you will get the most for your money with the added love, care, and extra time we put into these lovable creatures. You certainly will not get a second rate bunny from the FAM Farm, because we put the love we have into our bunnies. Click here to reserve your next bunny.

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