Products we Offer

At The FAM Farm we do more than just breed rabbits, we actually are working on offering a lot of other products. Some items can be shipped and currently we ship via USPS in their flat rate shipping boxes, if you would like to have your item shipped another way, or you would like more than one item shipped at a time please contact us, which can be done by e-mail, through our website, or even through our facebook page, before making the order and we will work out all the details and send you a personalized invoice via PayPal.

Not all of our items can be shipped at this time and we do try to specify that, so if you are interested in those items you will have to contact us to arrange for pick up in Tyler, Texas.

Currently we offer:

Home made Laundry soap in 2 different varieties: White (dye free) and Pink.

fertilizer/composting materials which cannot be shipped

In the near future we hope to offer:

home made Laundry softener

Home canned items

fresh from the garden produce