Monday, February 27, 2012

Our first at the farm Vet Visit

Today we had the luxury of Meeting Dr. Justin Cavitt, DVM. A kind lady on Craigslist sent me his info after I posted that I was looking for a vet that would come to our house to do vaccinations for our pets--it took us a few months to get the money we needed but I am thrilled to report all the animals are now up to date on their shots, the goats have been dewormed, and Brandy was even able to have her ear operated on while on the tail bed of his truck (I am now wishing I had gotten a picture, but I have to admit, while she was sedated I took the opertunity to trim her toe nails, sadly butchering one of her dueclaws)

I have to tell you how nice it was to have him come out to us rather than us having to try to load all the animals into the van/truck and drag them all into a vet, first off, we don't go many places with our animals, most are terrified of car trips (for 3 of our dogs, the last time they were in a car was to be given to us, and even though we have given them a loving home, to be placed in a new home can be very traumatic for a dog and some fear trips simply cause they think they are going to a new new home), I also think that vets offices must have a distint smellof fear coming from them because for some reason a dog can be excited about the trip and then sudden turn and run the other direction once you try to get them out of the car at the vet, if you have had this happen you know what I am talking about.

In addition to the pure struggle it would have been to try and take all our animals (note, today alone he gave 11 animals shots--we don't have a vehicle big enough to transport all of them, even with the truck and trailer it probably wouldn't be safe or easy), the thought of what kind of diseases go in and out of those offices, it makes me think of when Dominic was a baby and we would have to take him to the ER for an injury only to have him pick up a virus or bacteria from the waiting room and have to return him to the doctor or ER days later for that, which then he got another one--it is seriously a viciou cycle and since our animals don't have insurance like our son one can imagine that we can't afford to pick up anything while our pets are out and about (which is part of the reason we stay where we are) flea treatments a lone can cost us over $300 (and that was before we had 5 dogs).

While, anyhow, I just wanted to say, it isn't cause I was lazy that we hadn't taken our animals to the vet yet, it actually was the fear of what they might pick up and bring back with them (remember most people only go to the vet when their animals are sick anyways) and for that reason I am beyond thrilled that we found Vetrinary Services of East Texas--all our animals (except CC but that was because she didn't want to be held by me) seemed to do well with him, they all even stood still and most didn't even flinch when he stuck them with the needles--I definitely give this experience 2 thumbs, 5 stars, and 28 paws up, and I think the animals would agree too (even if Brandy is still trying to adjust to having that bandage on her head)

I still remember taking Red to the vet when he was a tiny puppy and he peed all over the table (some say from fear)--do you have any funny trips to the vet stories, if so please share them?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some late Valentines surprises

So Tuesdays are always busy days here so we opted to have lunch together cause that was pretty much all we had time for, what I didn't realize was that we would get to celebrate it further the day after.

even the chickens joined in and spread the love (they gave me 8 eggs total yesterday)
and to my surprise, my husband got me just what I wanted and needed
No, sillies, not a truck, that was my present to him, him using it to haul pallets home from work was his present to me. He also gave me these pretty pink flowers (now to those who think carnations aren't an appropriate Valentines present, I say hogwash, in a city where you can get roses by the dozen for $2 long stem carnations are the bees knees, especially pink one.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


OK, so i have to admit, not being able to blog at home was starting to get to me, I wanted to be able to tell ya'll about my farm without filling up the facebook feed, and now thanks to our new internet provided by LC Airwaves I can do just that, and I am more than thrilled!!!!

Life has definitely been interesting since moving out to the country, but we are slowly getting everything put together. In case you are curious, as of today we have 2 pigs, 5 dogs, 2 cats, 12chickens, 1 rooster, 2 guineas (plus a visiting rooster), 14 rabbits, 4 goats, a hedgehog and a female beta fish--now forgive me if I forget something, it is hard to keep track of it all when you have over 40 animals, they all get fed and water, it is just hard to keep count. WE do though love all our animals and look forward to introducing the babies as they begin to come (we are currently on baby bunny watch as mommas were due on Monday) so, just in case you forgot about us, rest assured, we are back and I am going to do my best to make regular posts.

Oh, also, I am more than thrilled to share this blog with you, as it is our very first official 'soap review' and I am very excited about it.