Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some late Valentines surprises

So Tuesdays are always busy days here so we opted to have lunch together cause that was pretty much all we had time for, what I didn't realize was that we would get to celebrate it further the day after.

even the chickens joined in and spread the love (they gave me 8 eggs total yesterday)
and to my surprise, my husband got me just what I wanted and needed
No, sillies, not a truck, that was my present to him, him using it to haul pallets home from work was his present to me. He also gave me these pretty pink flowers (now to those who think carnations aren't an appropriate Valentines present, I say hogwash, in a city where you can get roses by the dozen for $2 long stem carnations are the bees knees, especially pink one.)

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