Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Creative Kitten Hermini

We got the cutest new little kitten last month. Since moving we left behind all of Oreos friends and we felt like he might be lonely so we were thrilled to find this little girl for free. We called her Hermini (After the Harry Potter Character, even though that is probably not how her name is spelled). Hermini is so sweet and loves to jump up into our laps to be cuddled, she is also very playful, it is always fun to see just what will interest her next.

I have to admit though, I was getting rather concerned. We decided we would feed and water her in Little D's Bathroom, which is where we would put her litter box, except she wasn't eating or drinking and her litter box was empty--was she sick?

Turns out, she was being creative. Late one night I snuck into Little D's room to feed Tulip (the hedgehog) and as I walked out I witnessed something I wouldn't have believed had I not seen it myself, at which point I ran to the fetch the Camera cause I knew I needed proof, so here it is:

Hermini wasn't bothering to eat her own food because Tulips (which may I note is the exact same food) tasted better, so she would hop into Tulips cage and share with her. Turns out she has also been using Tulips litter box--who knew?

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