Friday, October 28, 2011

Look at our State Fair Ribbons

i have to admit, I was kind of excited to turn in some Jars to the East Texas State Fair in September to be judged, and yeah it was kind of disappointing to find that I got an honorable mention on my beans even though I was the only one who submitted them, but after talking to one of the ladies that was over the judges I learned a lot to help me next time when I enter. She also stated that I should have told them I was a first time canner and they wouldn't have been so hard on me, but then again I wanted to learn how to improve and if they weren't hard on me I wouldn't have done that, so here are some pics I took while I was there of the ribbons I got.

This is one of my pinto beans
My Carrots got 3rd place cause I didn't pack them tight enough (which I actually did on purpose so that I don't mind)
of both my carots and pinto beans, they were the only ones entered in either class (not much of a turn out this year for canned goods)
My onions got an honorable mention because I didn't pack them tight enough, but that is alright with me.
My Salsa did win a third place, I was so super thrilled!!!! Again, this was my first year of canning, and I did do most of it by myself (with some help from John, I did also get some help with the pinto beans from friends) it was also my very first time using a pressure caner so I was just excited when all the jars sealed, when it comes down to it, I think that is what matters most. As continue to can I will be able to betterperfect the technique and one day I looked forward to getting a first place ribbon

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