Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meet Ursula and Lilo

Like I mentioned before, bottle feeding was definitely taking it's tole on the family, we had tried letting Skiddish feed them but that took its tole on Skiddish, so when we were happened upon another breeder who bred Flemish Giants we were instrested in this beauty, when I picked her up and just happened to feel her milk sacks full I thought it was a gift from God--Meet Ursula (as in George and Ursula off of "George of the Jungle') and behind her is Lilo, who isn't Ursula's but came from the same breederHis is another Pic of Lilo, isn't she pretty
Now remember the twins are pretty use to having the food brought to them, I was super hesistant about putting them with a new mommy, actually I was pretty terrified to say the least, but I knew bunny milk was healthier for them and that this momma needed to get rid of some of her milk so I figured we could give it a try
and let me tell you, they took onto it like they had been doing it their hole lives. Ursula must have had some pretty good milk cause they LOVED it.
I loved to watch and their little legs would twitch from excitement as they climbed under her to get more milk...ummm umm good

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