Friday, September 16, 2011

I owe ya'll a huge apology--sorry

Oh my goodness, I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted, I have so many pics, and updates, and you wouldn't believe everything that has been happening--well if you 'liked' our facebook page what follows might not be so shocking, but if you have been waiting for a blog update then you best stay seated while you read this cause it is a shocker (drum roll please)

WE HAVE MOVED!!!! yes, we moved to Lindale, Texas, actually between Lindale and Mineola--shocking I know, but it gets better, we have more land, we are no longer restricted by city ordinances and we have already purchased a momma goat and her baby as well as 4 chickens, 2 guineas and 6 baby chicks...

And now for the bad news, right before we moved we lost Wendi and her twins, as well as Prince, Adam, Lilo and Stitch. We don't really know what caused them all to die so close together (Lucky died outside, Mira died inside the next day--we think they might have eaten something when we let them roam) but we do miss them horribly. Those babies (Mira and Lucky) were like my babies, luckily we got lots of pictures before they passed. I cannot post the pics right now though because (more bad news) we couldn't get sudden-link out to our new location and it just takes way too long with dial up to download pictures--but have no fear (good news) my husband recently purchased a new laptop and I plan on taking a trip with it somewhere that offers free wifi so hopefully I can download pictures then (and maybe back log a bit and post 'new' posts to the dates they should have been posted so make sure to look back to catch up)

also, if you want to be kept more up to date (blogging with dial up is going to be a challenge at first) make sure to check out our facebook page--look for it under The FAM FARM--and like it, I want so badly to do a free give away of some sort but need at least 50 likes before I can (we already have 32 so we are over half way there). If you don't have facebook, don't fear, once we get 50 followers here I will also do a free give away here (and I will even post more once I know people are actually reading what I write) so make sure to tell all your friends to come and follow us

as for me and my, it is getting late and as always I have a super busy day tomorrow--goodnight ya'll

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