Tuesday, July 24, 2012

25% Off our all natural cleaning products

25% off sale

Why buy our all natural home made all natural laundry soap?  Because it works, don't believe us, give it a try, we are offering a 25% discount so you can try it and see for yourself why our customers love it.  Our soaps contain no extra fillers or toxic carcinogenics like some name brand laundry soaps, it is gentle enough to use on preemie baby clothes as well as your lacy lingerie yet strong enough to clean my husband's dirty greasy work clothes.  The soaps are scented with citronella essential oils but do not leave your clothes smelling like bug spray.  In addition to leaving your whites whiter and your brights brighter, it gets out tough smells, Like BO and Cat urine.  We are proud of the ingredients we use and list them on every bag in simple terms because with our sensitive skin we know how frustrating it is to search for ingredient lists

all our products are phosphate free (which has lead to increased green algae in our water system which is bad) sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate free (which is very harsh on your skin and causes skin irratation/rashes) actually helps improve your septic system function (because it is bleach free, you can use with bleach but we haven't had the need) and works great with well/hard water--a list of our ingredients can be found here

We know you are going to love it so order yours today

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