Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last Photos of Lucky

While we were busy getting ready for the move from Tyler to Lindale Lucky came in to live in the house, I shot a couple of these photos, and am so lucky I did, because him and Mira passed before we were finished moving, we still don't know what happened, we are thinking that they much have eaten something that didn't agree while we let them roam in the garden. Anyhow, I thought I would Share these photos, I sure do miss The 2 of them, we bonded so much in what short time we had with them.

Lucky and the dogs got a long pretty well while he stayed inside, so well we let him roam the house with them in it, sadly Red sometimes got a little--to exicted and tried to give him a bath. This photo was taken after Lucky came to hide between my legs while I was on the computer, he is wet from one of Red's Bathes, don't worry, Red didn't hurt him.
Lucky found that hiding on the computer desk was the best way to rest as the dogs never tried to play with him while he was there.
then at other times he found the dog bed was a nice little spot when he was ready to play again
yep, now that he rules the house, he figured giving himself a bath on Besi's dog bed wasn't such a bad idea after all. Miss you Lucky, but so glad we got what little time we had with you and your sister. I know your in heaven caue Heaven wouldn't be heaven without a couple of dolls like you

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